Where Do We Go From Here?

16 May

Hello boys and girls,

I know. It’s been a long time. Over 2 years since my last post.

Where have I been you may ask?

Why are you back?

Who is even reading this may be the best question.

You see, after not posting for two years, this site still manages to produce a handful of page views every day. I can’t imagine who you people are, or why this is happening, although I suspect it is due to my awesome SEO skills and OLIVA MUNN NUDE, SEXY JESUS, SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.


A lot has changed in TV over the last two years. Just yesterday IKTTVS favorite Community was finally cancelled after years of threats and non-committals and what kind of sitcom only gets 13 episodes on a major network?

Breaking Bad broke and 24 is back (should be renamed 12, but whatever), How I Met Your Mother will soon be How I Met your Father starring the adorkable Greta Gerwig. The Doctor is dead, Long Live The Doctor

Things are good in TV. Game of Thrones, True Detective, Mad Men, Louie, Broad City. There is no shortage of love to give out. This site was always meant to be about the love of TV. The love of TV, tits, and lists.

The reason of this rambling incoherent post is this. I am here to ask if I should come back. I have the time again. I have the will. So tell me kids, is there any need for your old Uncle Jay anymore?

Let me know in the comments. If enough of you say yes, or say anything, The site is back on and maybe I’ll actually put some money into it.

All my love to long ago.



JD and Turk End Our Christmas Coverage

3 Jan

Possibly the most beloved best friends in TV history are JD and Turk from Scrubs. Whether you like the show or not, the two of them bring an energy and enthusiasm to their roles that portrays how much the two care for each other in real life.  For the holidays, they have reunited and given us a cover of the most rape-y Christmas song ever, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”


Best of 2011: Best TV Gif

3 Jan

2011 was the year of the GIF. It took over in a massive way, and works great to encapsulate some of the greatest moments of 2011. Get ready then for the Best Television Gifs of 2011, including Ron Swanson, Charlie Sheen, and James VanderMeems (anyone remember that).

Enjoy. The winner is at the end.

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Best of 2011: Best Episode; Comedy

30 Dec

Hope you all had a great holiday. I meant to be back up earlier this week, but after a boozy holiday weekend, I came down with a sickness in which I bordered the line between this world and another. But today I am back with a special series, The Best of 2011! We will be going through different television categories and picking out the best that was in the year 2011.

First off we have the Best Comedic Episode of the year. Plenty of great episodes this year, but there could be only one winner. But first, lets look at the runner ups:

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What To Watch This Christmas

23 Dec

The holidays usually mean terrible television, but thanks to the NBA and NFL, you can go on ignoring your family throughout the holidays.  Check it out:

NBA: Due to the lockout, the NBA season kicks off on Christmas. Lakers-Heat, Dallas-Chicago, and Golden State-Clippers. Two of those games I am guessing on, but all those teams are definitely playing.

NFL: The games are on Christmas Eve, so you can uhh, watch it then instead of Sunday.

Chuck: This show isnt quite over, so they are airing an episode tonight. I may decide to watch it once it finally ends. Should I bother? NBC


Dr Who.: 12AM-9PM Saturday and again 4am-1240am leading to the new christmas special at at 9PM ; BBC America

Jaws: 9AM-4AM Saturday; Spike (note that they are not airing them in order)

A Christmas Story: TBS’s annual 24 hours of A Christmas Story starts at 8PM on Sat to 8PM on Sun.

Freaks and Geeks: 6am- Noon; IFC

Indiana Jones: 925Am- 8PM; USA

Firefly: 9am-6am ; Science Channel

The Nutcracker: 1230- 1030PM ; Ovation

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