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JD and Turk End Our Christmas Coverage

3 Jan

Possibly the most beloved best friends in TV history are JD and Turk from Scrubs. Whether you like the show or not, the two of them bring an energy and enthusiasm to their roles that portrays how much the two care for each other in real life.  For the holidays, they have reunited and given us a cover of the most rape-y Christmas song ever, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”



Kim Jong-Il Died

20 Dec

I don’t know if you guys heard, but Kim Jong-Il died the other day. It was kind of a big deal. He was the dictator of North Korea? No? Never heard of him? Well, don’t worry, because over on Conan, Andy Richter put together a touching memorial video for him. Err..her?


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TV Links: Video Edition

9 Dec

A while back I featured a Parks and Rec/Community intro mashup, and while that was good, we have a new one today that is just amazing. Twin Peaks/Parks and Rec, here we go.

Now we have every quote from the intro of The Wire spoken by the characters. I think. I have never seen The Wire.

Speaking of critically acclaimed dramas, here is a rap from Agent Sepso of Boardwalk Empire. You’re Welcome.

And for our last video, here is every prank from the ongoing war between Dwight and Jim from The Office. Delicious.

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Bonus Links!

Save Greendale!

8 Dec

This sure is starting to feel like a Community blog isn’t it? I say that as the most positive possible outcome. With Community set to take a hiatus for a little while, the Greendale gang has made a PSA, with the help of CollegeHumor, to convince the public to Save Greendale! The video features all the regulars, plus nice appearances from Starburns and Magnitude. I guess Leonard was too busy with his YouTube Reviews to bother showing up. A nice little video, hopefully it can generate even more good press about the show to keep it a float for a few more seasons! Enjoy!

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Thursday Night Love Affair

1 Dec

Tonight is the last night of new Television on Thursdays until Santa craps into your Chimney and Mr Hankey smears himself all over the dog. In celebration, I have found some nice little videos to celebrate the night with. Enjoy!


First off from Buzzfeed comes this Community/ Parks and Rec intro mashup


#occupygreendale #savecommunity

In case you forgot.


Second how bout a preview of the awesome Maura Tierney from tonight’s new episode of The Office. Tierney of course was probably the 4th best character on the amazing 90’s sitcom NewsRadio, so seeing her return to comedy after I assume being frozen in ice for the past 10 years is great.


And then there is this…



From comes this bizzare cover of the It’s Always Sunny… hit Dayman. Its 4 parts 80’s new wave with 1 part nightmare.

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