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4 Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

8 Nov

The new TV season is well underway, so it seems a perfect time to spotlight a few shows flying under the radar that you may be missing out on. As an expert on television, it is a fact that these shows are worth while and therefore if you do not heed the call and begin watching now, you are a fool.

1) Happy Endings: I feel like every Wednesday I go off on how this show needs to be watched by more people, and since I have received no complaints (bring it on people) I will continue to make the argument here. Some people may of written this show off as another HIMYM or Friends, and while yes it features a group of 20 somethings hanging out, it is much more than those shows. The cast and writing staff is top notch, firing out witty one liners featuring pop culture references you will actually get. But what really makes this show worth watching is that, much like Community, the writing staff is building a group of characters you care about, with depth and heart that you don’t get from most sitcoms. Max is one of the funniest characters on TV, and Damon Waynes Jr. is so funny that you will forget he is a Waynes’ (Wayne? Wayne’s) Check this show out just once and you will be hooked. ABC, Wednesdays

2)Luther: From across the Atlantic comes this gritty, intense, and occasionally funny psychological crime drama. Starring Idris Elba as the titular Detective John Luthor, who’s life is a mess, doesn’t play by the rules, is prone to mental breakdowns, but is the best goddamn detective in the world. Think House and Dexter combined with some cop show I have never seen. What makes this show so special is the terrific acting. Idris Elba is amazing, and after just one episode you will find yourself rooting and caring about Luthor. Plus, the killers on this show are so disturbing, fucked up, realistic, and deadly that they make Dexter look like the contrived little bitch that he is. At only total episodes, it is a quick watch that will leave you longing for more. Check it out on Netflix or On Demand. BBC America

3) Game of Thrones: I get the reluctance for casual viewers to hop on this show. It’s fantasy. I was skeptical too. I didn’t start watching until mid way through the first season because fantasy is crap most the time. Who cares if a bunch of wizards and dragons are fighting it out in an unknown universe where the president consults oracles to make sure the moons don’t interfere with his fairy god parents and god damn was Lord of The Rings the longest 9 hours ever. But! Game Of Thrones is different. Yes it is still fantasy, but as far as fantasy elements go, its fantasy lite. Its on the fringes, shaping the world instead of defining it. The characters are real, heartfelt, and intriguing. The story lines are devastatingly engrossing, and oh my god its bad ass moments ratio is off the charts. Sopranos off the charts. There are killings by the handful. And tits. There is a reason Peter Dinklage pulled a huge upset and won an Emmy for his performance. It’s because him and this whole show is awesome. Its in between seasons now so its a perfect time to catch up on season one. Winter is coming. HBO

4) American Horror Story: I debated over whether to include this was on the list or not, but seeing as its one of my favorite new shows of the season, I feel the need to include it even though, unlike the other shows on this list which I think everyone should hop on, I know this show won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It is ridiculous and campy, and the characters are for the most part two dimensional, however, this show is a ton of fun to watch, mostly for all those negatives I just mentioned. The camp and ridiculousness makes it so entertaining that I look forward to it every week just to see how far they will go. Whether its the incredibly over-the-top Jessica Lange (wonderful) calling her downs syndrome daughter a Mongoloid and putting her in a closet full of mirrors, or the ghost of the week popping up just to be weird. The moments make this show, and while the overall plot is less than compelling, in the end it is a hell of a fun ride. FX


Hell on Wheels: I put this show in the bonus section because there has only been one episode. But damn if that one episode didn’t blow me away. Westerns have been a fringe genre since its hayday in the (60s? 70s? 50s?) but I like what this show is doing with it after one episode. Colm Meany, best known as Miles O’Brien of Star Trek, is wonderful as the rich baron villain, and the lead, a former confederate soldier on a vendetta mission to avenge his wife, is compelling enough so far. Its not quite Deadwood, but what is. I encourage you to take the ride with me and see where  Hell On Wheels ends up taking us. AMC


Wednesday Wrap Up: Occupied Edition

3 Nov

As my devoted readers would have noticed, I haven’t posted since yesterday. I apologize. The reason is yesterday there was a General Strike in Oakland, organized by the Occupy Oakland movement. As a college graduate struggling with finding a place in the current system, not to mention struggling with student loans, I was compelled to participate. We succeeded in shutting down the Port of Oakland, the 5th largest port in the world, and it goes without saying I am extremely proud and impressed by this accomplishment. Tens of thousands of people peacefully marched and gathered onto the Port. As the night wore on, our mission a success, the hundred or so committed Occupiers went back to Oscar Grant Plaza, where we occupied an abandoned building that formerly housed the Travelers Aid Society, a non for profit that helped the homeless. Soon after the police arrived in the hundreds. Surrounded on all sides, the police began shooting tear gas and flash grenades. Soon, fires arose, windows were smashed and bottles were thrown. More tear gas, and protesters fled, the building unoccupied. The police continued to close in, fired more tear gas. By my count they fired at least 6 separate times before it became clear to me it was time to leave.

The media has spun this in various ways, mostly accusing the protesters of instigating the violence, as well as some of our own condemning those who were there for the vandalism. But as this statement from the friends of OO put it:

But let us say this to the cops and to the mayor: things got “violent” after the police came. The riot cops marched down Telegraph and then the barricades were lit on fire. The riots cops marched down Telegraph and then bottles got thrown and windows smashed. The riot cops marched down Telegraph and graffiti appeared everywhere.

The point here is obvious: if the police don’t want violence, they should stay the hell away.

So as you see coverage of this protest on the news and other media outlets, remember that the news always has a point of view to support, and that point of view generally a lines with the powers that be.

In solidarity with Occupy Oakland

Peace, love, and Anarchy


Sexiest, Coolest, Greatest Of TV Halloween Costumes

1 Nov

We got all the greatest, sexiest costumes from this past week in Halloween Television. Community, Parks and Rec, Happy Endings, even some from Last Man Standing made the list (terrible show, hot actresses). So enjoy the slideshow and after the jump, direct links to the full size pics.

My favorite? Troy and Abed in the Hoood!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Netflix TV Round Up

27 Oct

I haven’t been on Netflix long, so I am still discovering the many many streaming shows they have to offer. Thought I’d share some of the ones you should be watching right now!


Reboot: The classic 90’s kids show about a world that takes place inside a computer mainframe has me rearing with nostalgic excitement. I mention it because it seems a bit overlooked when people talk about the 90’s. Reboot was ripe with pop-culture references long before it was a staple of hipster conversation. Check out a few episodes, as this show stands the test of time very well.

Beakman’s World: If for no other reason than to relive that guy in the giant rat suit (never could figure out what the hell he was all about) This show, more so than Bill Nye, was what got me into science as a kid. If you have kids of your own, what better way to spend time with them than indoctrinating them with your own cannon of 90s culture. That way when they get to school and all the kids are talking about Dora and whatever the hell crap kids watch today, your kid will already be the cool social outcast. Bonus points for Beakman’s strong Brooklyn accent.


BraveStarr: Just look at this picture and tell me you are not intrigued.

The horse also shoots a laser gun.


Errie, Indiana: This show confounded the shit out of my 10 year old self. Anyone else remember the kid who lived in a tupperware container, thereby never aging for over 30 years! Gahhh


X-Men: The entire original 90’s series! I can’t believe I am not watching this already, but I just have to much going on. One of these days though I am going to sit down and watch the whole series. This was the first show I remember being drawn in by the continuous storyline. I suggest you all do the same

10 Greatest One-Episode South Park Characters

12 Oct

Last Wednesday, South Park returned with its mid-season premiere.  South Park is in the middle of its 15th season, having aired 217 episodes in that time.  Comedy Central has dubbed it the “Year of the Fan.” And as a spirited fan of the oft-amazing, always controversial animated series, I have put together a list of the x greatest One-Episode Characters.  Over its 217 episodes, South Park has had countless great characters. Mr Hanky, Towelie, the Woodland Critters. All classics. But those all have multi-episode appearances.  Here is a list of some of the less-featured, but still loveable, characters.

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