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TV Links: Merry Christmas!

23 Dec


Its that time of year again, when people make lists (I will have my own coming soon enough, be patient assholes). So today our TV links has some lists, some Xmas TV clips, and I am sure there is something cute in their too. Enjoy.

And to cap it all off, here is Jimmy Fallon doing what he does.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

TV Links

16 Dec

Your weekly dose of the best of TV on the web.


TV Links: Video Edition

9 Dec

A while back I featured a Parks and Rec/Community intro mashup, and while that was good, we have a new one today that is just amazing. Twin Peaks/Parks and Rec, here we go.

Now we have every quote from the intro of The Wire spoken by the characters. I think. I have never seen The Wire.

Speaking of critically acclaimed dramas, here is a rap from Agent Sepso of Boardwalk Empire. You’re Welcome.

And for our last video, here is every prank from the ongoing war between Dwight and Jim from The Office. Delicious.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bonus Links!

TV Links

18 Nov

Lots of Community stuff this week, because that’s what we do here.


TV Links: With Video!

7 Nov


-This video from Jeopardy has been making the rounds. I dare you not to giggle. Especially when Trebek calls her a whore.

Video: Donald Glover vs. Childish Gambino | Rolling Stone Here we have Donald Glover interviewing his alter ego, Childish Gambino. Funny and lovable. Like a talking puppy.

ActionFigurology | SuperMercado Comics & Films More in Community related posts, some guy posts a mock up for a fake board game centering around the episode “Remedial Chaos Theory”.  Also, fake Community action figures!

The Hot Seat: Mike Judge – Arts + Culture – Time Out New York The New York Times interviews Mike Judge about his Beavis and Butthead revival. Mike Judge is probably one of the most underrated funnymen in the business. Been working hard for 15+ years making consistently funny movies and TV shows. Gives this man an award!

Don’t Be Surprised If These Nine TV Shows Get Rebooted Next — Vulture Vulture has some fun predicting which shows will be rebooted, including Full House and The X-Files. I would love to see a resurgence of the TGIF genre sitcom. I grew up on that shit, it taught me almost everything I know, and to think the kids I will one day abandon will be forced to grow up without absurd standards of normal family life to learn from and feel shame about sickens me.



Bonus Childish Gambino video. I love this man.  First single of his new album.

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