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Where Do We Go From Here?

16 May

Hello boys and girls,

I know. It’s been a long time. Over 2 years since my last post.

Where have I been you may ask?

Why are you back?

Who is even reading this may be the best question.

You see, after not posting for two years, this site still manages to produce a handful of page views every day. I can’t imagine who you people are, or why this is happening, although I suspect it is due to my awesome SEO skills and OLIVA MUNN NUDE, SEXY JESUS, SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.


A lot has changed in TV over the last two years. Just yesterday IKTTVS favorite Community was finally cancelled after years of threats and non-committals and what kind of sitcom only gets 13 episodes on a major network?

Breaking Bad broke and 24 is back (should be renamed 12, but whatever), How I Met Your Mother will soon be How I Met your Father starring the adorkable Greta Gerwig. The Doctor is dead, Long Live The Doctor

Things are good in TV. Game of Thrones, True Detective, Mad Men, Louie, Broad City. There is no shortage of love to give out. This site was always meant to be about the love of TV. The love of TV, tits, and lists.

The reason of this rambling incoherent post is this. I am here to ask if I should come back. I have the time again. I have the will. So tell me kids, is there any need for your old Uncle Jay anymore?

Let me know in the comments. If enough of you say yes, or say anything, The site is back on and maybe I’ll actually put some money into it.

All my love to long ago.



‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 2 Teaser

12 Dec

“The Cold Winds are rising!”

Are you ready for some Game of Thrones? I know I am. Ever since the first season ended I have been yearning for more, and now that Winter is here…we still don’t have a Season 2. But, HBO has debuted a new preview for Season 2. We don’t get much in terms of story, but it is a nice check in on all your favorite characters.


Season 2 premieres April 12th!!!

Watch The ‘Happy Endings’ Halloween Episode Online Now

25 Oct


As I have said many times before, ABC’s Happy Endings is the best of the Wednesday comedies.  Now is your chance to watch it whenever you want. Yahoo has put up this weeks Halloween themed episode online for all to see. This is new for the show to do, and hopefully it increases the fan base for this underrated show.  If you don’t watch the show already, this is the perfect opportunity to start. Halloween episodes are the best!



Friday TV Links

21 Oct

A weekly look at the best the rest of the web has to offer:

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA NOSES  This tumblr has gained alot of coverage over the past week. I am continuing that trend, because, just look at it! It’s perfect

-BadtvBlog: A Bad Day At The Shore  BadtvBlog put together the best (worst) quotes from this seasons Jersey Shore. My favorite? “I feel very alone here…and instead of fixing it, I just keep drinking”- Deena.  You know it Deena

9 ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Plots That Actually Happened | Screen Junkies  From Screen Junkies, I will read anything Always Sunny related. This is a good one.

Pleated Jeans, Compilation: TV’s Worst “Very Special” Episodes  Sitcom’s used to have these episode where bad things happened. They were glorious and insipid at the same time. This is an awesome compilation of the best of the worst.

How Dexter Went From Sociopath to Softie in Seven Easy Steps — Vulture This article does a nice job of wrapping up Dexter’s decline. Spoilers

Family Portrait – Magazine – The Atlantic   A legitmate arcticle on the success of Modern Family. Basically, its just a family sitcom, in a world where family sitcoms don’t happen anymore. But there is nothing crazy about its success, its very formulaic. Blah, Read the article.

-Nine Things Trey Parker and Matt Stone Learned in 15 Seasons of South Park — Vulture   Another article from Vulture. What can I say, we have similar tastes.

Tuesday Night Wrap Up: Just the Numbers

19 Oct

By the Numbers

-The X-Factor won the night with a 4.0 18-49 demo in the second hour, up from 3.5 in the first. What does this mean for the talent shows across the nation? They fucking aren’t going anywhere!

-NCIS (Not CSI, or FNCIS, or SCILWTF) 19 million people watched this show. The reason I bother looking at this numbers should be obvious by now. I now know that there are 19 million people that I hate in this country.

-Man Up, the new show from ABC about 3 guys who aren’t quite manly enough. Although, I watched this show, because I care about being a good blogger that much, and the only unmanly thing some of these guys do is play video games at night. If those guys from the terrible Miller Lite commercials were on this show, pretty sure the current Man Up guys would call them panzies. Anyways, this show isn’t as bad as the new Tim Allen sitcom, but that still leaves it below American Pickers re-runs. It had good ratings, 2.7 18-49 Demo

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