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What To Watch This Christmas

23 Dec

The holidays usually mean terrible television, but thanks to the NBA and NFL, you can go on ignoring your family throughout the holidays.  Check it out:

NBA: Due to the lockout, the NBA season kicks off on Christmas. Lakers-Heat, Dallas-Chicago, and Golden State-Clippers. Two of those games I am guessing on, but all those teams are definitely playing.

NFL: The games are on Christmas Eve, so you can uhh, watch it then instead of Sunday.

Chuck: This show isnt quite over, so they are airing an episode tonight. I may decide to watch it once it finally ends. Should I bother? NBC


Dr Who.: 12AM-9PM Saturday and again 4am-1240am leading to the new christmas special at at 9PM ; BBC America

Jaws: 9AM-4AM Saturday; Spike (note that they are not airing them in order)

A Christmas Story: TBS’s annual 24 hours of A Christmas Story starts at 8PM on Sat to 8PM on Sun.

Freaks and Geeks: 6am- Noon; IFC

Indiana Jones: 925Am- 8PM; USA

Firefly: 9am-6am ; Science Channel

The Nutcracker: 1230- 1030PM ; Ovation


What To Watch Tonight

22 Dec

The League: Two Part Season Finale. Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte guest stars to teach you to always handicap your running backs.

Beavis and Butthead: Season Finale

Billy On The Street: A man on the street game show from Funny or Die. Has potential, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Plus it is on FUSE. So, it will remain unwatched.


What To Watch Tonight

19 Dec

Terra Nova: Season Finale tonight! Dinosaurs eat people, or people eat dinosaurs. I am not really sure. FOX

Who’s Still Standing: Some stupid gameshow where people answer questions. If they get it wrong, they fall through a trap door. Because ya know, they hadn’t done that yet. NBC

Monday Night Football: Pittsburgh at San Francisco. My boys the 49ers want to win big tonight, and I am thinking they got it since Big Ben only has one leg. ESPN


What To Watch This Weekend

17 Dec


Dexter: Season Finale, I think. I don’t know, anyone watch this show anymore. Showtime

SNL: Jimmy Fallon returns as host. I had like him more as a late night host than I thought I would, but man, I have no interest in watching this. NBC

Homeland: Season Finale as well. Once again, I am not going to bother myself to check cuz I have never seen this show. Claire Danes is hot though. Yeow! Showtime


What To Watch Tonight

15 Dec


It’s Always Sunny: Season Finale! Part 2 of the highschool reunion, and last week had a big tease about them going to ‘Plan B.’ And with everyone in the gang miserable, I have a feeling its gonna be big. Love this show and sorry to see it go away for another off-season. FX

The League: Another Season Finale. Hopefully they go big. I guess someone will win the fantasy football league, but who cares. There are only like, 6 people in that league. Shit is weak. FX

Beavis and Butthead: I haven’t watched this in a while, but its nice to know its on. Maybe with the majority of shows in the off-season I will catch up. I would love to hear what Beavis thinks about Snookies new hair-doo. MTV

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Forever known for the crappy Christmas tree. I can’t for the life of me recall what actually happens in this special. ABC

Thursday Night Football: Jaguars at Falcons in a matchup of a terrible team playing for nothing and a terrible team playing for the playoffs. Must watch! NFL Network

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