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Thursday Wrap Up

23 Dec

The League: All season I have been trying to figure out whether I really like this show or not. It always has its ridiculous and funny moments, but they fire out jokes so quickly and I don’t think most of them land. The overall premise of fantasy football has never struck me as compelling, and its lip service approach to the game makes the moments when they focus on FF all the more unbearable. But I think the main problem I have with this show is that it just isnt consistently funny and I believe the biggest problem is with timing. It is just off. Take part 1 of last nights season finale, when Ruxin tears up a little girls room (although I am not sure why). The scene should be hillarious, as he throws around stuffed animals and steals a little girls homework assignment. But besides an appreciative ‘ha’, the scene fell flat. And it comes down to these characters being unbelievable and altering personalities on a scene by scene basis. Maybe some people can appreciate it, but after a couple seasons, I am done with the fantasy. Grade: C

By The Numbers:

The X-Factor had its Season Finale last night, which gave FOX an easy win. The finale scored a 3.8 in the 18-49 demo and 12.6 million people tuned in overall for the nationwide talent show.

-NBC’s Who’s Still Standing week could only trudge up  5 million viewers on Thursday

-Everywhere else had reruns, but CBS still came in second with 8 million total viewers, with Telemundo coming in 3rd.


Tuesday Wrap Up

21 Dec

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a What to Watch post last night, and I tell you it was not a mistake. There was just nothing on television last night, so in hopes of convincingly you to forgo the TV set and spend time with loved ones, I decided to skip any preview. ”But, how will I know what not to watch if you don’t tell me what’s on?” is perhaps what you are wondering! Well, just know that if there were anything worth while on, I will let you know. Otherwise, just hang out on Netflix and catch up on Archer.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, because that’s what we do here:

By The Numbers:

-On a night where every channel except NBC featured reruns, NBC actually won the night (in the 18-49 demographic). CBS still managed to get twice as many total viewers, 5 million to 10 million.

-At 8, NBC aired another episode of Who’s Still Standing which did better than Monday night with a 1.8 in the 18-49 demo.

-NBC also aired the special A Very Gilly Christmas, which scored a 2.1 in the 18-49 demo. *Note to anyone who likes Gilly, you are a terrible person and I hope you get run over by a reindeer.

Monday Wrap Up

20 Dec

A great football game on Monday Night topped everything else in my world, especially after two power outages delayed the game. In other parts of the TV landscape, Terra Nova ended, and Fear Factor did something disgusting I’m sure. Lets look at the numbers.

By The Numbers:

Terra Nova’s two hour finale was up from last week’s series low to a 2.2 in the 18-49 demographic. Decent numbers, but is it enough to save the big budget dinosaur series? No, no its not.

Fear Factor was down from its big premiere numbers last week to a 2.4. Could be due to the poor lead in from…

Who’s Still Standing, the idiotic new game show where people fall through trap doors premiered to a paltry 1.5 rating.

-ABC showed a couple Christmas specials which led into a new episode of their equally stupid game show, You Deserve It. Well people apparently are tired of game shows with ridiculous premises, because it only managed a 1.1 rating.

-In the 18-49 demo, Fox and CBS tied the night at 2.2, even though CBS aired reruns all night. However, because the football game was aired on CBS here in San Francisco, the numbers may be a bit inflated.

Weekend Wrap Up

19 Dec

It was a dull television weekend here in a world without premium cable. The Homeland finale seems to of created adequate buzz, while the Dexter finale seems to have failed like the rest of the season. Jimmy Fallon returned to SNL, and I just heard Punk’d is coming back on the air. The world is a sad and unoriginal place, and for that I bring you a Wrap Up of unoriginal numbers, because I just can’t think of anything else worth writing about.

By The Numbers:

-Sunday was almost completely overrun with reruns, but Survivor had its finale, which did well enough for a 4.0 in the 18-49 demo and over 13 million viewers overall.

-On Friday, Grimm won the 18-49 demo, with a 1.5 rating. (Nobody was watching). Meanwhile Chuck was down to a 0.9.

-The most viewed show of Friday night? A rerun of Blue Bloods on CBS with 6.66 million total viewers.

Thursday Wrap Up

16 Dec

It’s Always Sunny: This show ended on yet another high note. With appearances from almost every character (where was Artemis!!), and a big dance number to top it all off, Its Always Sunny really knows how to do a finale. Now we have to wait a while to see if Mac loses weight and if the gang can recover from the massive ego hit they took at the reunion. I’m sure they will be fine. Grade: A-

By The Numbers:

-Pretty much every show was down last night, but that’s to be expected this time of year. However, Person Of Interest actually set a series high in total viewers at 12.78 million overall.

The already cancelled Prime Suspect was down to an absolutely terrible .8 in the 18-49 demo and only 3.6 million overall. You are more likely to know someone with AIDS then someone who actually watched this show.

The X-Factor tied with a rerun of The Big Bang Theory for the highest 18-49 demo rating at 2.8. Thats right, more people watched a karaoke contest and a rerun then anything else last night.

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