TV Links: Merry Christmas!

23 Dec


Its that time of year again, when people make lists (I will have my own coming soon enough, be patient assholes). So today our TV links has some lists, some Xmas TV clips, and I am sure there is something cute in their too. Enjoy.

And to cap it all off, here is Jimmy Fallon doing what he does.

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AMC Renews ‘Hell on Wheels’

23 Dec

Deadline is reporting today that AMC is renewing the cowboys and indians and trains drama Hell on Wheels for a second season. The dramtic series follows a confederate soldier looking for revenge on a few union men who roughed up his wife (they killed and raped her).

While not the greatest show on AMC, Hell on Wheels has been unique enough and compelling enough to keep me watching. The real strength of the show comes from Colm Meany and Anson Mount, who both showed naysayers that a Star Trek engineer and ex Britney Spears seducer could take on seriously badass roles.

Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ Will Be Completely Different

23 Dec

This season of American Horror Story we were introduced into one disfunctional family and a whole mess of ghosts living on with regret. Some great characters were introduced, from Tate the murderer/rapist/moody loverboy, to the insatiable jilted ex-lover and a guy who had his face burned off. After the finale, many were wondering what would happen with all these characters, and really, where could this show go from here. Well it turns out, they arent going anywhere.

Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk just announced in a conference call that next season will start from scratch, in a whole new scary house, with many new cast members. “Next year of the show will be a different haunting,” Murphy said. “The next season of the show will be a brand-new home or building to haunt.”


This has got me even more excited for a second season of this show. The problem with AMH of course is the pacing, and the fact that there never seemed like enough to sustain a series. So this is a brilliant solution to that problem. Just give us one crazy story every season. It is a unique idea that I don’t believe has been tried yet on television.

Murphy did say that some of the cast members will be returning (and that he’s in negotiations with others, and would love Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, or Jessica Lange to return), but those that do will be playing entirely different characters/monsters/ghosts, and that the Harmon story is completely done.

I really hope they bring back the downs syndrome girl. There is nothing like a mongoloid to give off the weird vibes.

Thursday Wrap Up

23 Dec

The League: All season I have been trying to figure out whether I really like this show or not. It always has its ridiculous and funny moments, but they fire out jokes so quickly and I don’t think most of them land. The overall premise of fantasy football has never struck me as compelling, and its lip service approach to the game makes the moments when they focus on FF all the more unbearable. But I think the main problem I have with this show is that it just isnt consistently funny and I believe the biggest problem is with timing. It is just off. Take part 1 of last nights season finale, when Ruxin tears up a little girls room (although I am not sure why). The scene should be hillarious, as he throws around stuffed animals and steals a little girls homework assignment. But besides an appreciative ‘ha’, the scene fell flat. And it comes down to these characters being unbelievable and altering personalities on a scene by scene basis. Maybe some people can appreciate it, but after a couple seasons, I am done with the fantasy. Grade: C

By The Numbers:

The X-Factor had its Season Finale last night, which gave FOX an easy win. The finale scored a 3.8 in the 18-49 demo and 12.6 million people tuned in overall for the nationwide talent show.

-NBC’s Who’s Still Standing week could only trudge up  5 million viewers on Thursday

-Everywhere else had reruns, but CBS still came in second with 8 million total viewers, with Telemundo coming in 3rd.

What To Watch Tonight

22 Dec

The League: Two Part Season Finale. Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte guest stars to teach you to always handicap your running backs.

Beavis and Butthead: Season Finale

Billy On The Street: A man on the street game show from Funny or Die. Has potential, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Plus it is on FUSE. So, it will remain unwatched.


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