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Best of 2011: Best TV Gif

3 Jan

2011 was the year of the GIF. It took over in a massive way, and works great to encapsulate some of the greatest moments of 2011. Get ready then for the Best Television Gifs of 2011, including Ron Swanson, Charlie Sheen, and James VanderMeems (anyone remember that).

Enjoy. The winner is at the end.

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Thursday Wrap Up: Awwwww

9 Dec

Community: I am an unabashed fan of musicals and singing. That being said, I too hate Glee and Glee Clubs. That made last nights episode of Community all the more sweet and loveable. Some of you may say it’s strange to say a TV show is loveable, but damn if its not true about this show. The musical numbers were varied from hilarious to sexy to actually impressive, and that was just the Troy and Abed rap. Watching Britta ‘ruin’ the Christmas Pageant, then having the gang come to her defense, then watching them all come over to Abed’s for some Inspector Spacetime, well, it got to me. This show had some big shoes to fill after last years animation special, and while I can’t say this years was better, it certainly gave me that similar warm feeling inside, because I, like Abed, am a sucker for Christmas. I am going to miss this show so much. And don’t worry, I have your sexy Santa Alison Brie after the cut. Grade: A+

Parks and Rec: This episode was pretty great too, and all I want to say is the ending not only inspired a soon to be christmas night with my friends, but was  even more heartwarming than Community. Well done. Grade: A

It’s Always Sunny: Mac’s real name is Ronald McDonald! I don’t know if they mentioned this before, but this is news to me. Very Very Good News! Also, damn were Charlie’s undies absolutely nasty! Loved it. Grade: A


By The Numbers:

-AHHH!!! Come on people. Community was down to a 1.5 this week despite the amazing and cute and seemingly mass appealing X-Mas episode (when you write X-Mas like that, it is like the X-Men). I was really hoping for a 2.0, but those kinds of numbers just aren’t likely for this show at 8pm.

-Parks and Rec only had a 1.7

The Big Bang Theory won the night (fuck the world) 4.7 in the 18-49 demo and 14.4 million viewers overall. Good luck with the 8pm spot 30 Rock, I sincerely doubt you are going to do any better than Community.

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