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Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ Will Be Completely Different

23 Dec

This season of American Horror Story we were introduced into one disfunctional family and a whole mess of ghosts living on with regret. Some great characters were introduced, from Tate the murderer/rapist/moody loverboy, to the insatiable jilted ex-lover and a guy who had his face burned off. After the finale, many were wondering what would happen with all these characters, and really, where could this show go from here. Well it turns out, they arent going anywhere.

Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk just announced in a conference call that next season will start from scratch, in a whole new scary house, with many new cast members. “Next year of the show will be a different haunting,” Murphy said. “The next season of the show will be a brand-new home or building to haunt.”


This has got me even more excited for a second season of this show. The problem with AMH of course is the pacing, and the fact that there never seemed like enough to sustain a series. So this is a brilliant solution to that problem. Just give us one crazy story every season. It is a unique idea that I don’t believe has been tried yet on television.

Murphy did say that some of the cast members will be returning (and that he’s in negotiations with others, and would love Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, or Jessica Lange to return), but those that do will be playing entirely different characters/monsters/ghosts, and that the Harmon story is completely done.

I really hope they bring back the downs syndrome girl. There is nothing like a mongoloid to give off the weird vibes.


What To Watch Tonight

14 Dec

American Horror Story: Vivian has her babies tonight, which I hope looks as gruesome as I am imagining it to be. By the way, apparently you can buy the AMH house. FX


The Soup: Its hard to find anything on, so watch The Soup. Joel McHale is great, and its basically a must for someone like me, who hates 99% of television, but still wants to know what is happening.


I will be catching up on Boardwalk Empire, I suggest you do something similar.

What To Watch Tonight: Apologies Edition

7 Dec

Well, as you probably have noticed, if anyone out there is actually reading, the site has been inactive since last week. I apologize to anyone who thought I had purposely abandoned them. I am currently at war with my internet connection, but as of about 5 minutes ago, the battle appears to have been won. Expect regular coverage starting tomorrow, but for now here is what to watch tonight. And for all those who were hoping I had disbanded the site, fuck you.

Happy Endings: You already know to watch it, but as a special draw, tonight is the Xmas episode, and who doesn’t love those! Tonight’s episode is titled, “Grinches be Crazy” ABC

Modern Family: This show clearly doesn’t get enough play, so I must promote it! Yeah, right. Another Xmas episode. ABC

Up All Night: I am gonna wait till this moves to Thursday to even attempt to care about it.  Its not a bad show, but its just so generic that I cant care. Plus Maya Rudolph sucks. NBC

American Horror Story: Oh boy oh boy. This show is racking up ghosts like its an Insane Insylum built upon an Indian burial ground where the Scooby-Doo Gang just pulled in. Gosh I can’t wait for someone annoying to actually die. FX


What To Watch Tonight

30 Nov

Trek Nation: Gene Roddenberry’s son made a documentary about Star Trek. The show looks back from the beginning of Star Trek and how it has helped shaped the world we live in.  These features some great new interviews with the shows writers and producers, as well as classic footage of the man himself, Gene Roddenberry. A must watch for any Star Trek fan. Science Channel, 8PM

American Horror Story: This week, the pope pops by. I’ve always wanted to say that. Also, Mena Suvari guest stars as the Black Dhalia murder/murderer. I am not really sure which, but damn is Suvari attractive. FX
Psych: I have never watched this show before, but William Shatner is guest starring tonight, making it perhaps watchable. I mean, one day perhaps. USA

I Hate My Teenage Daughter: This new show on FOX looks absolutely terrible. If you watch this, then get off my blog.  FOX


What I’m Watching Tonight: Not ABC

9 Nov


Unfortunately ABC isn’t airing its usual comedy lineup tonight, instead opting for the much more unintentionally funny  CMA Awards. So what else is there you ask?

Up All Night: With ABC taking the night off, the NBC comedy will get my attention. I enjoy the stars of this show, and it can be funny. But it is just so generic and boring that I find myself sitting out most weeks. Jason Lee guest stars tonight, joining a cast of talented actors who can’t seem to be in anything good.

American Horror Story: I am a little behind on this, but as mentioned previously, I love this show. Watch it if you enjoy Gimps and gore and murder scenes.

South Park: The boys discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving. If I remember correctly, its been a long time since South Park has done a true Thanksgiving episode. I believe the last time was with Timmy trying to teach a retarded turkey tricks. I miss the simple days of South Park.

That’s about it, enjoy your loved ones tonight if you got em. And by loved ones I am referring to your tits.

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