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What To Watch This Christmas

23 Dec

The holidays usually mean terrible television, but thanks to the NBA and NFL, you can go on ignoring your family throughout the holidays.  Check it out:

NBA: Due to the lockout, the NBA season kicks off on Christmas. Lakers-Heat, Dallas-Chicago, and Golden State-Clippers. Two of those games I am guessing on, but all those teams are definitely playing.

NFL: The games are on Christmas Eve, so you can uhh, watch it then instead of Sunday.

Chuck: This show isnt quite over, so they are airing an episode tonight. I may decide to watch it once it finally ends. Should I bother? NBC


Dr Who.: 12AM-9PM Saturday and again 4am-1240am leading to the new christmas special at at 9PM ; BBC America

Jaws: 9AM-4AM Saturday; Spike (note that they are not airing them in order)

A Christmas Story: TBS’s annual 24 hours of A Christmas Story starts at 8PM on Sat to 8PM on Sun.

Freaks and Geeks: 6am- Noon; IFC

Indiana Jones: 925Am- 8PM; USA

Firefly: 9am-6am ; Science Channel

The Nutcracker: 1230- 1030PM ; Ovation

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