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Best of 2011: Best Episode; Comedy

30 Dec

Hope you all had a great holiday. I meant to be back up earlier this week, but after a boozy holiday weekend, I came down with a sickness in which I bordered the line between this world and another. But today I am back with a special series, The Best of 2011! We will be going through different television categories and picking out the best that was in the year 2011.

First off we have the Best Comedic Episode of the year. Plenty of great episodes this year, but there could be only one winner. But first, lets look at the runner ups:

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What To Watch Tonight:

8 Dec

Community: Tonight we have the annual Xmas episode, and this one is a musical. After last years amazing animated Christmas special, it is going to be hard to live up to the bar they set. However, as far as shows that never disappoint go, Community is at the top. This is also the last new episode for who knows how long.  If you need more incentive to watch, check out the preview of Abed and Troy rapping below. NBC

Parks and Rec: Christmas in Pawnee. I am in. NBC

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: High School Reunion time. Can you believe this show has been on for 7 seasons? Its amazing we live in an age of television when fringe shows can actually stick around for a while. And unlike most shows hitting reaching their tween years, Its Always Sunny hasn’t missed a step. FX

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Thursday Wrap Up

2 Dec

Community: Well wasn’t that just the best little episode? Nothing amazing happened, and it wasn’t mind blowing like some of the concept episodes they do, but it was sweet and tender, and most importantly funny. This was a great episode for Shirley, who really doesn’t get much play on this show. Jeff and Shirley bond over foosball, and drive their relationship to the brink.  The rage that comes over them in foosball can only be conveyed through the ancient art of Anime’.  Then of course there is the second storyline involving Abed as batman.  Gotta love the quote from Christian Bale, “Abed is Batman Now”..”well, its official” We get to see what life is like now that Annie is living with Troy and Abed, and whoever thought Annie would calm things down for those two (a thought Troy expresses himself) sure were wrong. Things just get crazier as Abed brings back the Batman suit and breaks into the Landlords apartment. Overall, a great little episode. Grade: A

Bonus: The end clip featured Leonard reviewing a frozen pizza on Youtube. At the end of the video a ton of text flashes on the screen. In case you were curious as to what that said, we did a little detective work (because thats what it means to be a blogger) and found out its a long rant on video rental stores. Check out the full text here.

“First off, would someone please explain to me why, in the age of digital streaming, I have to pay lates fees for the movies I rent. I’m a responsible person, I pay my taxes. Seriously, I’m not trying to be a dick about this. I really want to know. It seems to me that the only competitive advantage these rental stores have over the internet is face-to-face customer service. So why are you working so hard to make me not want to talk to you, just because I kept Dan In Real Life a couple extra days. There were a lot of special features, and I didn’t ask my daughter for a blu-ray player not to see them all. Oh, and by the way? What happened to the days when these rental jockeys would actually WATCH the movies they have, so they could give you recommendations instead of just standing there like “Duh doy, yeah. I guess there’s probably nudity in Dan In Real Life.” Well, guess what, Chelsea. THERE ISN’T. That Juliette Binoche though. Va-va-VA-va-VOOM. That’s one frozen pizza that gets MY oven going at 350 degrees. Anyway, hit me up on the comment side, unless you’re a hater. Or catch me on twitter at @leonard_GCC. And remember: see something, say something. Watch the throne.”


Parks and Rec: All I gotta say is that Jerry’s real name is Gary. That is what I took away from this episode, and that is awesome. But of course, Leslie likes Jerry better, so he will continue to be called Jerry. Grade: B-


By The Numbers:

-Community slowly inched up, gaining a tenth of a point to a 1.7. Considering The Big Bang Theory was in reruns, not a great sign, but still, not bad.

-Even worse news for NBC, Parks and Recreation was actually down against reruns on CBS, to a 1.8.

-FOX won the night, airing The X-Factor all the night to the tune of 3.1 in the 18-49 demographic.

What To Watch Tonight: #SaveCommunity

1 Dec

Community: The gang gets into a big foosball competition. Although that sounds lame, it doesn’t matter. It is must see TV every week. NBC

Parks and Rec/ The Office: Last time on Parks and Rec it appeared as if the whole Leslie/Ben will they/wont they thing had finally come to an end. Lets hope that continues tonight and we get pure comedy. On The Office Maura Tierney guest stars as Robert California’s domineering wife. Good move getting new characters Office, but the problem is you gotta axe some of the old ones first. NBC
Its Always Sunny: The gang goes to see a blockbuster movie. It couldn’t be any better than Lethal Weapon 5 though. FX

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: Is this the one with Mr Freeze? All these just blend together for me, but I enjoy them collectively, so I may of watched this if it werent for all the other great television on tonight. ABC


Louis C.K. Coming Back To Parks And Recreation

29 Nov


Before he was winning Emmy’s and owning the title for best show on Television (I was the judge), Louis C. K. was a simple small town Pawnee cop on Parks and Recreation.  Now that his show Louis is in between seasons, Louis C. K. is going back to his sitcom roots.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the actor/comedian — currently between seasons of his FX comedy, Louie — will reprise his role as Leslie’s former police officer beau Dave Sanderson in an early ’12 episode.

The extremely laid back, mild-mannered character was last seen in Season 2 when he took a job in San Diego.


I believe on an excitement level, this has to be somewhere between a 23 year old finding a dumpster full of porn and a 13 year old finding a dumpster full of porn. This of course means I will have to catch back up on the first seasons of ‘Parks and Rec,’ since I didn’t start watching until it got good.

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