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Best of 2011: Best TV Gif

3 Jan

2011 was the year of the GIF. It took over in a massive way, and works great to encapsulate some of the greatest moments of 2011. Get ready then for the Best Television Gifs of 2011, including Ron Swanson, Charlie Sheen, and James VanderMeems (anyone remember that).

Enjoy. The winner is at the end.

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TV Links

16 Dec

Your weekly dose of the best of TV on the web.


TV Links

12 Oct

You get an extra man card just by viewing this picture

A weekly roundup of the best the rest of the internet has to offer us.

Wishlist: 12 Nominations for Future ‘30 for 30’-Style ESPN… – BroBible.com  Brobible makes a list of the 30 for 30 ESPN docs they’d like to see. This is an amazing series of docs if you haven’t seen them.  Tops of the wishlist? Rickey Henderson and XFL docs would be entertaining as hell.

TV’s Greatest Marriage Proposals   Warming Glow count downs the greatest TV Proposals. Unfortunantly they include the cliche proposal from ‘The Office,’ but they also make up for it with two from ‘The Simpsons’

13 Zombie Killerific ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Kill GIFs   This is just great. From Uproxx. Plus, it is the perfect thing to gear you up for this Sundays premeire.

Andy Rooney Out of Context – Holytaco   Andy Rooney was a stain on this nation. This hillarious mashup of his random rants is a good makeup.

Vince Gilligan walks us through Breaking Bad’s 4th season (Part 3 of 4)  | TV | Interview | The A.V. Club  The A.V. Club walks through each episode of the 4th season of Breaking Bad with its creator, Vince Gillian.  I am not a fan of this show, but I have read similar interviews with Dan Harmon for Season 2 of Community and Louie C.K. on season 2 of Louie and those were both amazing. I suggest you check it out for a unique look into a Television series.

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